Grooming Tips for Men: Dry Lips and Razor Bumps

photo credit: dhammza via photopin cc

#1 after shaving or a getting a haircut apply Neosporin gel to your hair line,
beard and mustache to prevent razor bumps.

photo credit: thecomeupshow via photopin cc

Tip #2 if you have a Rick Ross beard going on make sure the hair is
moisturized. While on the shower apply conditioner to your beard to keep it soft

photo credit: Aidarile via photopin ccDreads

Tip #3 if you wear dreads, tell your loctician NOT to interlock your hair.
Interlocking forms knots which actually weakens your dreads and can cause
breakage in the long run.

photo credit: FranUlloa via photopin cc

Tip #4 No one wants to kiss dry rough lips. So while brushing your teeth,
exfoliate your lips using your toothbrush.

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