Beauty Tip: Finding the right shade of Foundation


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With so many brands of foundations on the market it can be difficult to select the right shade and formula for your skin type.

Use these tips to help you on your next purchase.


Find out what your skin type is. Is it oily, dry or combination???

If you have oily skin, use a powder foundation or an oil free liquid foundation.

For dry skin use a liquid or cream stick foundation.

For combination skin use a powder foundation or a tinted moisturizer.

Test the selected product out by applying to your jawline or for sealed packages hold close to your jaw line. Make sure it is the right color by looking at it in natural daylight. The correct foundation is the one that seamlessly blends into your skin.


photo credit: Idhren via photopin cc

If you buy a foundation that may be a bit lighter or darker, no worries, you can keep these for highlighting and contouring. Many drug stores and cosmetic counters have great beauty return policies so if its not the right color you can return it with no hassle.


NYX Cosmetics: Matte Lipstick – Sweet Pink


Oh Matte lipstick Heaven!!!!! I’m too excited about the new NYX Cosmetics Matte Lipstick line. The colors are amazeballs so I had to pick up a few. Sweet Pink, Shocking Pink, Audrey and Whipped Caviar.


The texture was so smooth and creamy but still provided a Matte finish. Most Matte lipsticks tend to peel and crack as the day goes on, so I usually have to apply a lip conditioner base to ease the application. But not with this line.


I wore Sweet Pink Matte Lipstick with Hot Pink Liner all by NYX Cosmetics this weekend and it lasted all day with only one touch up and no peeling at all. I love NYX Cosmetics, it is a staple in my kit. I will be getting all the colors to build a new Matte Palette for my clients. Stay tuned!

NYFW Spring 2013 Beauty Trend


The Mercedes Benz New York fashion week has wrapped up another exciting season with looks from designers such as Zac Posen Calvin Klein and Vera Wang. One things for sure the deep berry lip and side part were most prominent on the runway. 

Whether it be a smooth ponytail, big curls or sleek waves, add a deep side part to maximize the look. 


As for those berry lips try out Black Brandy or Wild Thing, which are two gorgeous luxury moisturizing lipsticks by Iman Cosmetics.

IMAN Cosmetics Wild Thing
IMAN Cosmetics Wild Thing

Beauty Tip: Dry Winter Hair

Before_After_Hair_Olive_OilBefore and After Olive Oil Treatment

A couple of my girls have been complaining about their hair feeling extremely dry during the winter. During these cold months your hair struggles to maintain its natural moisture. It becomes prone to split ends and breakage especially if you chemically treat your hair with color or relaxers. 

Here’s another natural tip straight out of your kitchen that will help you add that softness and sheen back in to your hair.

After washing your hair, apply extra virgin olive oil from the roots to the ends. Cover it with a hot towel or plastic cap and keep it on for about 15-20 min. If possible, after rinsing let your hair air dry.

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Beauty Tip: Sugar Scrub


Tip of the Week:

Exfoliating is an important step to having great skin. Each month (approximately 28 days) your skin goes through its own cycle of shedding dead skin while building new skin cells underneath. By exfoliating you remove the dead skin cell build up revealing your new and healthy skin. It also unclogs your pores and can help with skin problems like excema. Dont worry about purchasing any new products, just add a teaspoon of sugar to your normal face wash once a week. This is natural and gentle on your skin and can be used by both ladies and gents!

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Celebrity Style: Omarosa Manigault

Photos of Omarosa Manigault Saving Hearts for Generations Annual
Award Dinner in Washington DC
September 28, 2013
Hair by Margoux Le Roux
Photo by Zizwe Allette

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