Q&A with Chrisette Michele

On the Go[ux] Tell us about your latest album titled ?Epiphany? that was released May 5th, 2009?

CM: I am far more vulnerable on this album than my first. I wrote every song on my first album, but this was a different experience because Ne-Yo wrote alot for me. He was able to bring everything I?ve experienced to life. All the songs on the album convey my emotions and I?m sharing more of my personal experiences in love.

On the Go[ux]: Twitter Style? Define Chrisette Michelle in 140 characters or less?

CM: Fun, Unpredictable, Loving with a huge appreciation for life, Love, Beauty and Art!

On the Go[ux]: You are a beautiful woman with great skin, what is your personal daily beauty routine?

CM: Hmm.. I would say moisturizing is key for me! Dry Skin never looks good no matter how much you try to conceal it!

On the Go[ux]: If you could pick one must have beauty product that you can?t leave the house without, what would that be?

I?m torn between mascara and gloss! I think Mascara is a must its does so much and accentuates natural beauty.

On the Go[ux] What?s up next for Ms. Chrisette Michele.

Along with taking my music to new heights, I love acting. I?m actually work ing with a coach now and I?m looking forward to where that takes me.

I?m currently on tour with Maxwell and that is going amazing! He actually sent me a bouquet of white roses the first night of the tour; he?s so sweet.

I?m also going to be touring in Europe. And stay tuned to me on twitter @epiphanygirl.

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