NYX Cosmetics: Matte Lipstick – Sweet Pink


Oh Matte lipstick Heaven!!!!! I’m too excited about the new NYX Cosmetics Matte Lipstick line. The colors are amazeballs so I had to pick up a few. Sweet Pink, Shocking Pink, Audrey and Whipped Caviar.


The texture was so smooth and creamy but still provided a Matte finish. Most Matte lipsticks tend to peel and crack as the day goes on, so I usually have to apply a lip conditioner base to ease the application. But not with this line.


I wore Sweet Pink Matte Lipstick with Hot Pink Liner all by NYX Cosmetics this weekend and it lasted all day with only one touch up and no peeling at all. I love NYX Cosmetics, it is a staple in my kit. I will be getting all the colors to build a new Matte Palette for my clients. Stay tuned!

Beauty Tip: Sugar Scrub


Tip of the Week:

Exfoliating is an important step to having great skin. Each month (approximately 28 days) your skin goes through its own cycle of shedding dead skin while building new skin cells underneath. By exfoliating you remove the dead skin cell build up revealing your new and healthy skin. It also unclogs your pores and can help with skin problems like excema. Dont worry about purchasing any new products, just add a teaspoon of sugar to your normal face wash once a week. This is natural and gentle on your skin and can be used by both ladies and gents!

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Celebrity Style: Star Jones Hosts the 14th Annual Spirit of Democracy Award Gala

The good folks of NCBCP invited me to do makeup again this year for the 14th Annual Spirit of Democracy Award Black & White Gala. What a blessing to work with such a amazing group of people. The host this year was Ms. Star Jones and baby she rocked my world. It was just something about being in her presence. She gave me the ‘goux’ to do whatever makeup look I wanted, which is always awesome for an artist. I kept it simple and chic with a maroon smokey eye and some flirty ardell lashes. Check out the pics from the event here: http://fb.me/11FoRX2SS

@StarJonesEsq Star Jones
U “beat” my face baby!>“@MargouxLeRoux: Glammed up the fab lady @StarJonesEsq who so made my day! Have fun tonight! XOXO”

See she even said it….love her!

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