Beauty Tip: No Mess with my Smokey Eye


Our question this week comes from Tasha in Ft. Washington, MD

Hey lady, I was having some makeup issues and I thought I would ask the best makeup artist I know. How do I keep from getting the dark shadow under my eye when going for the smokey look.

– Tasha

    Hey Tasha,

    The easiest way is to just do your eye makeup before applying your foundation base. This way you can clean up any fallen shadow using either makeup removal wipes or q-tips before actually applying your foundation or concealer. If you prefer to do foundation first, you should add a loose translucent powder under your eye to catch the eyeshadow that falls. Once your smokey eye is complete use a fan brush to sweep away the translucent powder from under your eyes.

    Other Smokey eye tips:

    -Tap excess shadow off of the brush before applying to the eye

    -Dampen your eyeshadow brush to get a more concentrated color

    -Use a silicon based primer to give the eyeshadow something to hold on too

    -Remember Smokey isn’t a color its an eyeshadow effect that can be achieved with all colors

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Celebrity Style: Natalie Cole

Natalie Cole
Makeup by Margoux Le Roux

GRAMMY¨ winner Natalie Cole speaks at the National Press Club on Wednesday, Oct 19, 2011 in Washington. While in Washington to meet with leading hepatitis C advocates from the National Viral Hepatitis Round table, Cole addressed the National Press Club Tune In to Hep C, a campaign designed to raise awareness of hepatitis C, encourage people to take action and speak with their doctor. Cole emphasized that it does not matter how you got the disease, it just matters what you do about it. (Kevin Wolf/AP Images for

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