Nicki Minaj: OMG My Pink Nouveau lipstick”

Nicki Minaj talks beauty, music and being around her Big brothers of Young Money. Currently negotiating her label deal but an album is expected out later this year. Tracks like Beam me up Scotty featuring Wayne along with ‘best I ever had’ remix with Drake will be on the mixtape. Embracing a new sexy and classy image, Nicki talks Make-up and her favorite beauty product.

On the Go[ux]: What?s it like being the lady of the bunch?working with your big brothers?

Nicki: I never had a big family, just my older brother, so with the guys around itss like the family atmosphere. It’s a good thing. Itss such a comfortable situation. When we’re recording together it’s just a real fun atmosphere.

On the Go[ux]: As you are hitting these show’s what’s your make-up routine:

Nicki: I’m the type of chick that if I don’t have an event, then I don’t want to wear make-up. I have very sensitive skin and everything dries my face out. I use Black Soap and get facials at least twice a month now to prevent breakouts from happening every other day.

On the Go[ux]: Since you are just venturing into the whole make-up deal what is one product you can’t live without?

Nicki: Oh my gosh, my Pink Nouveau Lipstick from MAC, If I don’t have that, I’d probably shoot myself and I am not lying lol

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